Holly Val-Anne Roberts

By Jason Taylor 1st August, 2012

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On a windy afternoon in late June CITIZEN FUNK accompanied Fashion Stylist Holly Val-Anne Roberts on a shopping trip around London Fields, East London. Holly’s infectious good energy and sheer love for styling, makes both the shoot and interview process quiet enjoyable and even made us forget about the unpleasant weather conditions for a moment too.  Along the way we discuss many topics about life as a stylist, as well as discovering what exactly influences her too.

Photography By: Migle Ka


What lead you into becoming a Fashion Stylist?

I’m from a really creative family so I guess I caught the bug early. I’ve always been a really visual person and into style from a young age. I left home and went to LCF when I was 18 so it was quite a natural progression for me to move into fashion and styling.

How do you go about seeking out the latest fashion trends?

I go on websites/blogs such as, Hypebeast and High Snobiety to keep an eye on new trends. But to be honest I usually take inspiration from everyday people I see on the street. I find peoples sense of style much more inspiring than trends. Oh and obviously my fabulous friends.

Whose style do you admire? 

I always catch myself admiring the way boy’s dress. But I also like it when people aren’t afraid to wear something different, but without putting too much effort in – somebody who’s comfortable in what they wear and their own skin.

Can you describe your own style?

Ummm, I guess feminine with boyish tendencies. I like contrasting different styles and often mix high-end fashion with more casual street wear brands. I’m always in Vans and won’t be seen without my big rings or silly socks.

Tell us your most prized item of clothing?

My pony skin Alexander Wang Diego bag…although the strap has broken and it’s heavier than a child.

What’s your favourite era in regards to fashion?

I admire how utterly feminine the shapes were in the 50’s..I’d love to play dress up for the day. But I also love the awkwardness of 90’s style.

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

I get to do what I love everyday and work with different people from all walks of life. It’s always great to see all of your hard work pay off, especially when it’s something for print. Also, I’m paid to see men in their pants.

When you’re not busy styling, what do you do to unwind?

I really love music and enjoy discovering new artists on different websites and blogs, or raiding my friend’s iTunes and Spotify play lists. Nattering around the kitchen table with the girls is definitely a favourite past time. I also co-run an old school Hip Hop and R&B event called, ‘Because We Can’ with my best friend so I spend quite a bit of time organising and promoting that.

What are your dreams for the future? 

To keep doing what I love and to expand and grow within my field. I’d love to travel more with work and shoot abroad. It’s always been a dream of mine to work in New York too! My best friend and I have lots of plans for Because We Can’s future so it will be fun seeing it all come to life.

Who would you most like to style?

I really admire music and the different components that come with – I’d love to get my hands on a musician at the beginning of their journey. Someone like Jesse Boykins III, but say 4 years ago.