The Loops Of Fury

By Jason Taylor 13th September, 2012

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CITIZEN FUNK recently caught up with The Loops of Fury (Max & Jimi) who are originally from Brisbane, Australia, but are now based in London producing and remixing for the likes of Moby and having established DJs such as Afrojack, Boys Noize, Carl Cox, Steve Aoki and Sasha endorsing them. The Loops Of Fury have been crafting a new compilation ‘Light Em Up’ on U&A Recordings, which be available on 17th September 2012, expect to hear music from the guys themselves including the Old Skool rave inspired dancefloor smash ‘Church Of Fury’. You can hear other material from The Sneekers, Zodiac Cartel, Mumbai Science and Submo.  So here is our exclusive interview with The Loops of Fury.

Photography By: Migle Ka 


Who inspired you both to get into music production? 

Jimi: Growing up I had sister who was going to raves, and she was always giving me tapes of DJ’s and stuff. At the time I had no idea what I was listening to, it just sounded crazy! Then one day Max and I saw some footage of The Prodigy playing at this warehouse, and were like “thats it!’. We were writing music by then, but that was what gave it a sense of purpose, even through we were still years away from being old enough to go to clubs.

Describe your music-making process? 

Max: We tend to start with the drums and then go for the bass after that. Starting at the drop of the track usually works for us, but if we get stuck we’ll do the breakdown and build up first and use that as a guideline for the drop of the tune.

What would you say is the best time of the day for you both to produce? 

Jimi: Inspiration can honestly come at any time, sometimes you wake up with an idea in your head, and sometimes you can spend the day banging your head against the wall until you have a late breakthrough. We’re working mostly during the day at the moment, but any time is good if you’re feeling it!

How would you say your production techniques have evolved over the last few years? 

Max: They’ve gotten less random and more what’s in our head being translated on to the computer. We used to just doodle around until something randomly happened that excited us. These days it’s more an idea in our head that gets put into Ableton and messed with. That’s not to say we don’t experiment a lot – but the ideas for melodies and structure are more and more coming from us rather than trial and error.

You guys have done plenty of remixes, what do you like most about putting your own take on them? 

Jimi: The great thing about remixing is that you get a bunch of parts before you start. It can be a lot of fun messing around with sounds that we wouldn’t normally have had access to. So for example when we heard the vocals on the Rebecca & Fiona tune ‘Dance’, we were totally blown away! They had this amazing ethereal quality to them that really dictated the vibe of the track, despite the fact that it is so different to the original.

Do you think you guys will ever branch out into producing different genres? 

Max: Yeah for sure. We both dabble in our spare time in other stuff. I think the state of the scene is quite exciting at the moment. You’ve got lots of tired and true genres that are reaching a point where nothing really that new is being done in them (Electro, EDM, Techno, Dubstep). EDM is a new name for existing Electro, Complextro and Techno music, marketed at the US. But it’s rehashing and becoming more and more Pop by the second. Then you’ve got some newer forms that are branching out, but are still referencing old stuff quite heavily. Their cool comes from the retro. We both feel like the time is ripe for something really strong and fresh. Everyone’s looking for it, but it’s not quiet there yet. A revolution is near….

Who do you both admire most and why? 

Jimi: Tom & Ed (Chemical Brothers), they are the electronic Beatles!

Max: What he said!

Where in the world do you guys enjoy performing most? 

Max: Hard to say, with each gig we get a new favorite at the moment!

Which artists are you both currently into? 

Jimi: It’s an interesting time for Dance music, a lot of the big genres have been playing out for a while now without much evolution so I think we’ll be seeing some crazy new sounds emerging real soon. Acts like Hudson Mohawke and Birdy Nam Nam are doing really cool things, as is Scuba. Mumbai Science, Bart B More, Sound Of Stereo, Baskerville, The Sneekers and Boys Noize are all doing really cool things at the moment too.

Finally guys, what can we expect from The Loops Of Fury next? 

Max: We’ve got the remainder of our ‘Light Em Up’ compilation tunes coming out real soon, as well as the compilation itself.  Then a remix for Moby and a collaboration that we’re really excited about! We’re working solidly on new original material as well. Lots of new music coming from us so keep a look out!